Season 3 Trailer

Video Trailer

Welcome, to season 3 of Unreal a podcast about Irish history, stories and tradition. I’m doing something a little different this time around. For the month of October, I will be bringing you weekly true stories of Irish witches: their lives, their trials, their fates. Alice Kyteler. Florence Newton. The women of Islandmagee. Bridget Cleary. These women were part of our history. Their lives and what they went through are all unique, and their stories are a mark of who we were and how far we have come. But all of them deserve to be remembered.

So join me next Sunday, to begin a new Chapter of Unreal: The Season of the Witch.

*** A note for my regular listeners – the first episode will be a repeat of Alice Kyteler’s story which I previously hosted in Season 1, so you may want to give that one a miss and tune in from the week after. Or feel free to listen again!

Song: Beacon by Ayla Nereo

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